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Students Council and Student Voice

Students Council and Student Voice

Promoting Individuality

Inclusive education in Bremore Educate Together second-level school means the provision of a learning environment within which all young people - whatever their ability, language, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic, social or cultural origin, will be provided with real learning opportunities and teaching practices that explicitly take account of the multiple ways all students learn. Differentiated instruction and curriculum organisation which supports the inclusion of all students, which improves transfer from primary to second-level as well as engaging and motivating learners will be shared, developed, reviewed and evaluated as part of school curriculum planning. Pupils in Bremore ETSS do not wear a school uniform. We encourage diversity and self-expression however; a dress code is part of the personal education of pupils here. Pupils are encouraged to become aware themselves of what is, and what is not, acceptable in terms of what they wear in the school environment. In order to facilitate this learning pupils and their parents/guardians are given guidelines known as the Dress Code to help them make the right choices in terms of their school clothes and to realise that some forms of clothing are not appropriate for school. Pupils in Bremore ETSS will be encouraged to develop entrepreneurial skills such as personal responsibility, creativity, leadership, problem solving and risk taking. Students will have time to reflect on, and take a critical and ethical view of various issues with a focus on developing presentation, technical and leadership skills.

Affirming Culture

Our school community is vibrant and energetic, leading to exciting activities both in and out of the Learning Lab. Bremore ETSS is multi-denominational, co-educational, student-centred and democratically run. In terms of student life at Bremore ETSS, we have a culture of joining in, trying new things, discovering talents and passions, and achieving personal bests. All students are encouraged to become involved in the Students Council, where they will help to make decisions about our school. In addition to the academic, athletic, and arts activities that are available to all students, Bremore ETSS is home to an extensive array of extracurricular activities. Students are often members of multiple clubs, and also encouraged regularly to take the initiative to form their own club. This is all part of the process of developing personal and group interests, shaping individuals into independent, proactive, and engaged students. Leadership development is a valuable part of today’s education. Bremore ETSS is committed to providing our students with the essential skills that are transferable to many areas of everyday life in addition to providing networking opportunities and developing potential leaders. This involves teaching communication skills, sharing, and the ability to motivate individuals through positive social influences. Some of our student’s leadership opportunities include;

  • Participation in competitive sports

  • Student council involvement

  • Community & volunteer activities

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Organized leadership and team-building classroom activities

Student Centred Academics

Students at Bremore ETSS can expect to be challenged and stretched by all their teachers in the various subjects we offer. We focus on the development of strong reading, writing, creative and technology skills, while infusing our students with a passion for learning. In addition, we offer extracurricular activities, particularly in the arts and athletics. Our learning labs are collaborative spaces, guided by teachers who care deeply for their students. This is an atmosphere where individuals are encouraged to try things outside of their comfort zones, without needless anxieties and pressures to conform. A caring, nurturing, safe and supportive environment, characterised by positive teacher-student relationships. Bremore ETSS places an emphasises on the importance of developing lifelong learning skills that will enable the graduates of our schools to be active and responsible citizens.

Bremore ETSS Hoodies and Beanies - A Student Council Initiative

The Student Council requested the option of having optional school hoodies and beanie hats; they have chosen various different colours and they are available to order online. These items are not compulsory as we do not have a school uniform. However if you do want to buy them, you can order and pay online at The items will be delivered to the school on a weekly basis. If you do not wish to pay online, you can choose the “Cash On Collection” option on the check out page. Payment should be made directly to the Schoolwear Representative. Please note the school cannot collect money for these items.

Buy Bremore ETSS Hoodies Here

Our student council meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They are full to the both meeting counting management to discuss food options as indicated by a student council survey. Our junior cycle students meet on Tuesday and our senior cycle students meet on Thursdays. Each class has two representatives and are responsible for communicating with the student body. They are play a vital role in the development of policies and decisions in the school. Students gain the opportunity to develop a variety of skills when undertaking the role.

Anti-Bullying Disclosure Form

Parents and pupils are required to co-operate with any investigation and assist the school in resolving any issues and restoring, as far as is practicable, the relationships of the parties involved as quickly as possible.

Teachers take a calm, unemotional problem-solving approach when dealing with incidents of alleged bullying behaviour reported by pupils, staff or parents.

It may also be appropriate or helpful sometimes to ask those involved to write down their account of the incident(s).

The Anti Bullying Policy is available on the school website under the Policies Section

To make an Anti-Bullying Disclosure please click HERE

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